Real hunting is what Nolte Elite Safaris is all about. The skills of hunter against those of the hunted.

Fritz endeavours to hunt all the species that are free roaming in Namibia, in open areas. There are some that just have to be fenced in, etc. Blue and Black Wildebeest, as well as Blesbok that comes from South Africa etc.

This is a regulatory requirement of Namibia’s Ministry of Wildlife and Tourism. He leases the hunting right over 250 000 acres. The base camp is on the ranch Erindi Onganga in the central of Namibia ( 21 000 acres). 

He has specialized in hunting leopard. It is a very skilled and exiting hunt. He will do his utmost to give you the best opportunity to get your special Leopard. He has hunted Leopard over 15 years in Namibia.


Hunting for Plains Game should not be shorter than 8 days, but is always better if you could spare a couple of days longer to get the special trophy which you looking for.

Some of the trophies have to be taken on a 14 day hunt, like Eland, Cheetah, and Leopard in a blind and bait hunt.

Your trophies will be cleaned and taken care of by specially trained personnel at the ranch. After the drying process they will be brought to the shipping agent in Windhoek or to a taxidermist whichever you prefer.

The fascinating diversity of Namibia will enable you to hunt up to 20 species in bushveld, savanna and desert areas.

The size of our hunting area is approximately 50,000 ha which gives you better chances for good trophies. Hunting is done mainly on foot, but vehicles must be used to cover long distances.

Our hunting season starts from February till November which gives you a choice to hunt in your preferred season.

Come and enjoy the African sky and atmosphere at night while sitting around the campfire and let the sounds of the African night help you forget about your daily routine and stress at work. Isn't that what an African Hunting Safari is all about?

You want to relish the country Namibia, its diversity, the enjoyable sunny weather it has, the abundance of wildlife, the hospitality of our people and the most scenic and peaceful sunsets you'll ever see; come and be our guest……! And then later depart as a best friend!.................