Allow us to introduce you to Fritz Nolte, the owner of Nolte Elite Safaris and the ranch Erindi Onganga, situated in central Namibia. He is a Big Five qualified Game hunter, PH, SCI and NAPHA member, and SCI master measurer.

Fritz was born and raised in central Namibia on Epako Game and Hunting ranch of his father, Ben Nolte. The company of Ben Nolte was the erstwhile wellknown Omaruru Safaris. Ben was  one of the founders of professional hunting in Namibia as very fittingly narrated by Graig Boddington in his book " From Mount Kenia to the Cape" in the 80's.

Fritz grew to love and appreciate nature and its wildlife in a conserving way. When he met his wife Petra, they moved to her old family ranch that belonged to her family for four generations. Fritz has thorough and extensive knowledge of the African bush and its wildlife, knowledge that inevitably grew strongly in him since childhood.

His bushcraft and tracking abilities are of an extremely high standard. To experience and to share the real Africa in its glory and make it a lifelong memory, he has adopted and set certain guidelines and principles for himself and his operation. 

He hunts just one group or client at a time and tries to do all the guiding by himself.
Personnel pick up and drop off guests at the airport.

He also tries to hunt all the species that are free roaming in open areas of Namibia.  Legislation prescribes certain antelope species to be fenced in, due to veterinary precautions, e.g.   Blue and Black Wildebeest, and Blesbok imported from South Africa. All wildlife and hunting is regulated by Namibia's Ministry of Wildlife and Tourism.
He leases the hunting right over 250 000 acres owned by other private ranchers
The base camp is on the Ranch, Erindi Onganga, in central Namibia. 

If you would like to see more of the country, personalised tours to Etosha National Park or Swakopmund can be arranged. Or the last day can be used for shopping for your dear and loved ones at home.

The accommodation consists of: five comfortable rooms, en-suite, hot and cold water, 220 Volt electrical generated by a power generating plant, personal Safe for guns and documents, tap water comes from a well - safely drinkable. Laundry service is 48 hours.
Three meals - african, modern cuisine, with a  three-course Dinner in the evenings or a delicious barbeque prepared  from the hunted proceeds. Lunch packs if and when necessary. Spirits available. Good South African wine, Namibian brewed German "Reinheitsgebot" beer and much more.

Special dietary requests in case of particular any food intollerances, are welcome. Most of the food products are from own garden sources.
A swimming pool is available. No malaria area, although mosquito nets are fitted in the rooms to provide peace of mind.

We, Fritz, Petra and our two sons Rolf and Christian with the staff : Diana and Albertina in the kitchen and Johanna for housekeeping; Piet and Benni as your driver and trackers in the bush, Johannes as skinners. Gabriel and Erastus in the garden and homestead yard, and Johanna in the laundry room would always do our utmost to make your stay here in Namibia the most memorable experience you could wish to have. experience you could wish to have.  

If you have any more questions please feel free to ask. If you need to feel more relaxed and at ease, please feel free to contact any of the following references, and if necessary, ask us for more details for honest opinions and first hand recommendations. We shall be only too eager to comply to whatever you may request.

Douglas and Coursett Hart 1* 213 399 3313 California
James Jay Baker 1* 202 842 5077
Peter Flack 1*27 11 268 5700 South Africa
Mike Meadows 1* 760 786 2245 Death Valley
Bruce Moore 1* 907 344 5501 Alaska
Damian Crux 1* 44 1883 652 038 London England
Antonio Sainero Martin Spain
Konrad Ruppel 1* 49 661 220 20 Fulda Germany
Serdjio Castellani 1* 39 465 322 159  Italy