Namibia is a country of immense solitude, far horizons, arid deserts and jagged mountain heights, hauntingly beautiful in its stark emptiness, unforgiving in the harshness of its climate and terrain, but so gripping, you will yearn to return again and again………….


Our motto is to try to hunt open areas as much as possible. Fritz has grown up here and will give you just the best. With 18 years in the business he will make sure you go home with the best trophies possible. 
For observers or for someone who would like to see more of the country, tours and photo safaris to Etosha, Swakopmund etc.


We offer:
          Fishing from boat or shore
          Boat cruises observing marine life
-     Relaxing at a Spa
          Shopping to your harts content
          Observing and photographing countless antelope, predators, elephant, rhino etc all at close quarters……….

At the camp we offer:
-          Bird Watching (over 150 different species)
-          Hiking
-          Bow Hunting
-          Camping
-          Swimming Pool
-          Night Drives 


What can be more rewarding after a hard and enjoyable day of hunting than taking a hot shower and relaxing around the camp fire with Traditional Namibian Beer or a glass of South Africa's great wines, while a traditional braai (barbeque) is being prepared on the red hot coals. Enjoy the best of game steaks, Gemsbok, Eland - they are all excellent. 

This is all part of an adventure you just have personally to experience to ever fully understand.


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