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Established in 1995, sun service is committed to providing excellence in both design and service, implementing the latest technology (Bootstrap, Handy first) to create an effective internet presence for your business. We will help you with the proper structure, graphics and content for your website, blending each of the components of website development into a visually pleasing presentation that will not only draw visitors but ensure their return in the future.

The Steps:

A preliminary consultation will ensure that your website is developed with your particular needs in mind. You will be advised on what technology is available to you, which cutting edge technology will be beneficial to your business and which will detract from your website. Not all new technology is suitable for all webster; it must be chosen with care, with an eye towards enhancing your new internet presence.

Research & Planning:
Planning and research are essential to an effective website. To know who your competitor is, what he is doing, how he is presenting his site, locating complimentary webster and obtaining reciprocal links as well as using the latest technology like Bootstrap - Handy First, to all enhance the productiveness of your own web presence, thus increasing your business.

Layout, Navigation, Graphics and Interactive Components:
The layout of the site, ease of navigation and utilization of interactive components are critical to a successful web presentation.

Initial Viewing, Modifications:
Clients have an initial viewing of their website, with modifications to the original design being made prior to the initial uploading of their website to the server.

Promotion & Marketing Strategy:
A website must be marketed properly to reach it's target audience. Part of this is the listing in Namibia's oldest and most welknown Tourism portal Namibia Travel Online, also know as 'natron.net'.
A few words to seach engines:
While no one can guarantee top placement on the search engines, there are webmaster 'trade-secrets' that will allow your site a much better chance for a first page placement. Submission of your site to the top 150 search engines can be ordered additionally. Combined with regular advertising media, a properly implemented website presence can reach a vast target audience and enhance your business prospects.

Maintenance & Hosting:
Maintenance agreements are available to ensure that your website remains up-to-date and viable. A stagnant website does not entice visitors. We can assist you in registering your own domain name and with placing your new website on local or overseas servers all service oriented internet service providers.

sun service is committed to customer service and ensuring that our clients are satisfied with their web sites and have an understanding of the virtual community they have moved into. We will assist you with choosing a browser and email program, offer free training with all but the one page package.

We are not satisfied until you are satisfied.

Price list 2021/2022

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