General Conditions
  1. Minimum age for renters and drivers is 21 years.
  2. A valid unendorsed driving licence and passport must be produced by the hirer and any additional drivers.
  3. The daily rental rates include insurance, with, however, an excess rate being payable by the hirer in case of an accident.
  4. Insurance does neither include windscreen and headlamp breaakage, sandblast, tyre damage nor loss of personal property. Coverage excludes death and injury.
  5. It is not allowed to take vehicles abroad without prior agreement.
  6. Prolongation of hiring beyond the originally agreed date must be applied for at least two days prior to expiration of the agreement.
  7. We reserve the right to substitute vehicles reserved with a similar vehicle should the vehicles reserved not be available at the time of hire.
  8. Prices are subject to alterations without prior notice.
  • 4x4 Double Cab
  • 4x4 Single Cab
  • Mini Buses
  • Sedans
Camping Equipment
  • Ranging from a Rooftent to a Refrigerator, depending on your experience and personal preferences.
  • Friendly and Professional Advice
  • 24 hours backup service
  • Med-Rescue service
  • own workshop
  • free transfer from and to the airport or hotel
  • no advertisement on our vehicles