Meet Sores Tours & Safaris CC CC/2000/1195

Sores Tours & Safaris CC is a Namibian tour operator under the management of Ulrich Förtsch, who is living in third generation in Namibia.

"Sores" is a word from the Nama language and means "sun". We chose this name as sunshine will be your travelling companion on nearly everyday of your journey through Namibia.


We specialize in safari holidays and offer our guests the opportunity to escape from everyday live's hectic pace into the wide open spaces of our beautiful country.
You would like to watch antilopes, elephants, predators and birds in the wild? You would like to marvel at landscapes, magnificent rock formations and the beautiful southern skies by night? Do you have a special interest like geology, ornithology or astronomy?

Let us show you the wonders of Namibia at the southwestern coast of the African continent!

We offer guided tours through the whole of Namibia, as well as tailor made guided tours according to your wishes.
As we specialize in small groups all the tours and safaris offered by Sores Tours & Safaris CC are planned for six persons maximum.

If you would like to get more information please feel free to contact us via

Sores Tours