Trophy hunting may be undertaken during the months of February to November. The hunters are guided personally by the farm owners, Birgit and Mike Linder, professional hunters.

Our total hunting area is about 100 000 ha which offers our hunters any game or landscape.
For a hunting vacation comprising say 5 6 kills (see also our one week package offers) you should consider 7 10 days. Due to the vastness of the hunting area we can easily accommodate up to six hunters simultaneously. Apart from the hunting on foot, or the shooting from a raised hide there are also possibilities for shooting from a Jeep which ensures the hunter to succeed.

Fowling can also be arranged.

Blue Wildebeest
Fire arms:
The most suitable calibre is a 7mm with 11,5gr points. Automatic and semi-automatic arms are not permissible. No hunting license is required, but when leaving your home country it may be necessary to produce an international arms license.

All other permits and documents, as well as insurances will be arranged by us and are included in the daily tariffs.

The trophies will be roughly cured on the farm and prepared for shipment by a freight agent free of charge.