Photograph Military plants, police act ions and prisons may not be photographed.

Leave the vehicle in the game park?
In the national park the Etosha and Caprivi climbing out / leaving the safety of the car or bus is forbidden unless it is in camp or special designated areas. The camp's environs may not be left to foot, especially at night and the gates are closed at sunset.

Driving a car on Namibian roads
An International vehicle license is required. The self drive tourists are warned of the danger of the gravel roads in Namibia and suggestions for safe driving hints listed below

General information for the visitor in Namibia

Banks :
Generally Monday - Friday 09:00 o'clock - 15:30 o'clock, Saturday 09:00 o'clock - 11:00 o'clock

Climate :
Typically half desert; be called days - cools nights. Winter days are pleasant, but the temperatures can sink at night under zero. At the coast it is mostly cool with fog on the early morning and in the late afternoon. The rain season is from October to April.

However, rain showers never last longer than half an hour. The remainder of the yearly is drying and cloudless.

Credit cards :
International Visa, Master cards are accepted countywide but American express and Diners card are generally only accepted in the cities.

Currency :
The South African Rand and the Namibia Dollar are legal tender countrywide.

Fuel / Gasoline :
In smaller towns fuel / gasoline is available. Carrying of a reserve can is usually not necessary.

Drinking Water :
Most tap water is purified and safe to drink in the urban areas, how ever visitors must exercise caution in the rural areas.

Electricity :
220/240 V is available in the whole country (z.T.on guest farms serviced occasionally by generator).

Languages :
The national language is English, but the 16 other Namibian languages and dialects include Afrikaans and German.

Security :
No items should be visibly and /or left unguardedly in the vehicle. Walking alone at night or isolated areas is inadvisable.

Tips :
10%tip is generally usual with satisfying service.