Best Travel Services cc commits itself, to follow all services offered here in accordance with the conditions registered herewith and accepted by the customer.

Travel / trips Company Guide managed.
An experienced guide with the language competency preferred by the customer will be made available.

Health visas
Please have at hand all necessary travel documents / visa required.
Please contact Best Travel Services cc for further information.

Luggage/personal property
A suitcase and a carrier luggage bag per person are permitted. A piece light luggage, max 10 kg is permitted on charter flight routes.
Best Travel Services CC is not liable for loss or damage on Luggage items or other personal property.

Reserve the right
Best Travel Services CC reserves the right to discontinue the tour or return the disruptive customer to Windhoek should said person fail to adhere to the instructions and place the remainder of the customers in danger.

Transport is available in a variety of vehicle types and standards, dependent on the number of participants' .All will have window view for participants.

Payments & Cancellation
Payment abroad is acceptable at the confirmed rate of exchange the bank of Best Travel Services CC offers at the time of the deposit .All differences, which result from the currency fluctuation, are carried by the Passenger or Agent. On written confirmation of a reservation, a 30% DEPOSIT (not repayable) is required. The remainder is payable, 30 days prior arrival in Namibia.
A cancellation 40 Days before beginning of journey becomes Best Travel services CC is made right-moderately all costs already resulted reclaim from the instance, which ordered the reservation. Becomes a complete route between 40 and 20 days before the travel date cancelled, the above-mentioned DEPOSIT becomes pawned. A complete route should less than 20 days before that to be cancelled, stands for intended travel date a cancellation fee of 100 % of the total route price to beech for the instance, with that the business one transacted.

Best Travel Services CC can not be held responsible for any delays caused by vehicle accidents, breakdowns or other circumstances.

Best Travel Services CC is not liable for any passenger injuries or damage caused by the incidents occurring at hotels, airlines or any other instances, although Best Travel services CC appeared as a representative agent.

Jurisdiction under Namibian statute requirements